New map for CS 1.6 @ Download from here:


New map for CS 1.6 @ Download from here:

Rebuild Project

I will starting soon a new project wich includes rebuild of default maps for Counter-Strike.
These maps will be as default ones but with new textures and maybe some small new things. It's not like css_ because css maps have a lot of changes adding new gameplay things. Let's say this is a remake for better looks and keep CS Alive long time from now on.


Tools Page

Now you can easy found mapping tools on TEMAPS website, a lot of tools can be found on TOOLS page in main menu.

Everyone can add tools in specific categories.

Maps Page

Download all my maps from one page, now is easy to find my maps and one-click download. I added new pages for every game and you can find them all here:


Update css_dust20 [1.1]

css_dust20 get a new update, see all new things here:

CSS_DUST20 Will get an update!

I decided to release a new update for CSS_DUST20, with some new details, and visual improvments, also i remake some details for better performance.

First version will be still available for download on TEMAPS and GVME. New update don't change map name or other things, server owners need to delete old map or rename the new one in v2 or something like this.

New design for website

I made a new design for and soon i will add new pages. This design is made after CS:GO Blog back in time t2040.gif


A new map is on his way, check this page: CSS_DUST20

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