Most iconic map from Counter-Strike: Dust II is now back with a new remake by Tatu Eugen, the map was designed to be simple and balanced. This is a remake from css_dust2_go, this map have a lot of improvments:
  • More brightness all over the map
  • New type of details
  • Almost last changes from CS:GO map
  • Map optimized by 40%
  • No dark textures/lights anymore
This map marks the 20th birthday of Counter-Strike, download and enjoy this new map, you can see the differences between css_dust2_go and css_dust20 here. Official video:
A number of overly dark spots in Tunnels have been addressed with natural light pouring in by way of a crumbling, torn away roof. The broken down car at the bomb site has also been moved a bit, allowing a more free player flow around it. The break in the wall, 'Window', has now been widened and the movement brushes around it relaxed. Just beyond this, Scaffold has been simplified with no more metal pipes to stand in the way of your next frag. In addition, a few electrical poles have been moved outside the playspace as to simplify unnecessary distractions while not taking away visual fidelity.
With player reads in mind, entry fragging at site A has been refined as the back wall has had the dark doorways removed. More brightness in everything, dark crates was changed with more more brightness textures. The car on long can be important now, with wood wall to hide. Some barrels and other stuff removed for easy gameplay.
The short zone have not so many changes but is more easy and simple to see the enemy now on bright textures.
The middle section of the map has seen upgrades to the lighting in lower Tunnels to address those dark corner campers.
The middle zone have now new wall textures, the crate on doors is now easy to climb adding a new small crate over it. The edge of short wall is now smaller than before, for easy watch on doors.
Dust II was developed by David Johnston for the first game in the series as a conceptual sequel to the existing Dust map. Johnston originally titled it "Dust 3" because he did not think it was a worthy successor to Dust; before the game's launch it was retitled Dust II. The map was designed to be simple and balanced. During the initial development of the map, "Long A", a long pathway that leads towards the "A Site", was not present. It existed in the map because of space limitations of the engine; there had been plans to make the area larger. During development, map features such as caverns that would have provided cover, a window in "B Site", and a longer ramp in the Counter-Terrorist's Spawn to A Site were removed.

After its initial release on March 13, 2001, as part of Counter-Strike 1.1, the map received minimal changes following updates to the rest of the game, but received small graphical updates and lighting changes. It also received graphical updates in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike's Xbox release.
Download now:
Source #1: GVME.ORG
Source #2: TEMAPS.COM
Current version 1.1
- New barrel textures
- New textures
- Performance improved
- Lights improved in CT/Tunnels
- Lower space betwen wall and crate in X2
- Lighter texture for tunnel doors
- X2 Window crate improved for one jump only
- Lighter walls in tunnel for most common positions
- Some small fixes

First version 1.0
- Initial release