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Tatu Eugen Maps _ Tutorials _ How to make a map for CS:GO

Posted by: Tatu Eugen Sep 22 2020, 06:32 PM

In this tutorial i will show you the very first steps to make a map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

1. Open steam library / CS:GO SDK

2. Open Hammer Editor

3. File / New from Hammer Editor

4. Set grid size to 8

5. Click on Texture Tool and choose what texture you and let's start build the floor and the walls

6. Click on Block Tool and on 2D Top build the floor like this

7. Build the walls or other structures

8. Change texture on specific wall face like this

9. Build the sky, go to Texture Tool and filter sky on the search field and choose skybox texture, and build the sky

10. Let's put light on the map and players, go to Entity Tool and put somewhere one light_environment (Be sure everything is inside the map, not outside the map)

Put some CT's on the map, and some TS

Click on any player in 2D Top View and click again on him and rotate him for better start point view like this:

11. Put some weapons on the ground if you want

12. Let's compile our first map from VMF/MAP to BSP format and make it ready for the game, press File / Run Map... or F9

Select everything on Normal and press OK for compiling the map

Open CS:GO and open console and write map yourmapname and this is it!

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