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Tatu Eugen Maps _ Tutorials _ Reset entities every round

Posted by: Tatu Eugen Nov 10 2019, 10:03 PM

When i was creating de_immortals map for CS 1.6 i wanted to add a sound on every round, but the problem was this sound play only in very first round and then never untill map changed again.

1. Somewhere in your map make one small block and make it: func_door

Add the following settings in func_door > properties:

2. Somewhere in your map add one entity: multi_manager
Add the following settings in multi_manager > properties:

Press smart edit and add:
Key: start
Value: 0.1

Add new one:
Key: start#1
Value: 0.9

Info: Value 0.1 means this functions starts at 0.1 second and 0.9 stops on 0.9

3. Adding your stuff, my stuff was that sound i tell you on top of the page. So i add entity: ambient_generic with the following properties:
Class Info


This was only my case, you can change my sound with your entity/function that don't works on every round s0234.gif

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