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Tatu Eugen Maps _ Tutorials _ Type of Maps

Posted by: Tatu Eugen Jul 5 2019, 09:33 PM

I will explain and show you how to do maps for different gameplay scenario.

Hostage Rescue: cs_
These maps is about counter-terrorist team, who must save hostages on the map, making these type of maps is very easy in fact.

Best map example layout is cs_assault, where TS have hostages in their base very close to the spawn zone.

1. Add hostages in your map, go Entity Tool -> hostage_entity, place how many you want where you want hostages to be.

2. Add rescue zone, with texture aaatrigger create a block and next press on it with Selection Tool, CTRL + T and make it: func_hostage_rescue

On the rescue zone you can show there is rescue zone, by placing some text or stuff.

Bomb Defuse: de_
This is most common gameplay type in Counter-Strike, Terrorists team must plant the bomb and if the bomb explode they win the round, in other side Counter-Terrorists must prevent bomb planting in any bombistes and if bomb is planted they must defuse and they win the round.

Take a look on de_dust map too see better what is all about.

1. Make a Block where you want the TS to plant the bomb, use AAATRIGGER texture.

2. Select that block with Selection Tool and press CTRL + T (Tie to entity) and choose func_bomb_target

3. You have one bombsite now done, you can do some things like add indications on the walls where is this bombsite ( A -> ), you can see in the func_bomb_target there is a field named Target, you can select a group of crates and make it all of them func_breakable and put on his name the target from func_bomb_target, and on flags don't forget to check Only Trigger. Now if the bomb explode, crates will be destroyed.

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