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Special textures, Textures with functions
Tatu Eugen
post Nov 14 2019, 10:39 AM
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In this tutorial we will learn what some textures can do in GoldSrc engine.

This textures is the texture of the sky, so if you want sky in your map you need to apply this texture on top block in your map.

This texture triggers things, is used to make functions with it: func_buyzone, func_bomb_target, etc.

Is almost the same with nodraw from source, this texture remove the other side of the block and increase map performance.

The NULL texture is one that is removed from the map during compilation, so that it won't exist when you play the compiled .bsp file in Half-Life. You should be able to apply it to any entity or world brush within your map.

The main point of this texture is to use it on faces that the player would under normal circumstances never see, so that those faces will not add to the w_poly count and lower the fps (frames per second) rate (that doesn't mean you can't use it for whatever you want, however). You can also use the SKY texture for this exact same purpose, although it is debatable whether this is actually beneficial. While it does lower the w_poly count, it apparently also lowers the fps rate, thereby defeating its original purpose.

Note that:
NULL textured brushes still block VIS.
If you have a NULL surface on a HULL brush (i.e. a brush acting as the outer layer of your map, sealing it from the void), then in Half-Life the absence of any textured polygon(s) being rendered in that space will cause a Hall of Mirrors effect. This is intended behaviour, and should be accounted for by the mapper.
NULL textures will still block the player in Half-Life (and anything else that should collide with a wall), even though they are not rendered. This is to preserve the collision detection of the entire brush. If you want to disable this, then just make the brush a func_illusionary.
The CLIP texture now works in the same fashion as the NULL texture for backwards compadibility.

This texture is used to force BSP to create a break in the VIS block. It is used in certain situations to reduce r_speed values, although misuse can increase r_speed values. The HINT texture is applied to only one face of a brush, the other faces must be SKIP, and the whole brush is known as a "hint brush".

The SKIP texture is used to cover all the other faces of a brush which have a face with a HINT texture. The SKIP texture is non-solid and has no special effects.

This texture acts like a NULL texture but also doesn't expand when generating clip hulls. It can be used to eliminate exterior corner clipping bugs without using "-cliptype precise" (although "-cliptype precise" is still the recommended method for removing clipping errors, as this feature is experimental).

Hidden blocks in your map who block players but don't block entities like weapons/grenades.

This texture help things to rotate after it, for example a door with origin block in middle, the door will rotate based on the origin placement.

Having ! in front of names is water textures, adding a little animations on texture but you can't use two textures or water if you use this.
Having { in front of names is textures with invisible area when you use options: Render Mode: Solid and FX Amount: 255

+1, +2, +3, etc.
This textures works as one texture imagine a gif animation from multiple images, +0tv is the first image, and continues with +1tvb, +tvc, etc.
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Textures with lights
You can set your own light textures from lights.rad read tutorial...

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