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Setting Up Valve Hammer Editor, Install and configure
Tatu Eugen
post Jun 17 2019, 08:06 PM
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In this tutorial i will show you how to install Valve Hammer Editor and how to configure for making a map!

Download: Valve Hammer Editor - Main tool for making maps
Download: CS Expert Tom - Used for making maps for Counter-Strike

If you want to make maps for other games, such as Half-Life, Day of Defeat, you should have FGD for that game instead CS Expert Tom.

Install & Required Files

1. Dearchive Hammer 3.4 Version and open the executable file.
Attached Image

2. Click Next, Click I Agree and choose your destination folder for installing the program.
Attached Image

3. Click Next, Click Next, choose if you want a desktop shortcut, i choose NO because we put this later, click Finish.
Attached Image

4. Dearchive Hammer 3.5 Version and rename from: hammer 3.5 to hammer, then copy the executable file:
Attached Image

5. Paste the executable file in C:/Program Files/Valve Hammer Editor or where is your Hammer folder installed. Copy and replace over old executable file.
Attached Image

6. Dearchive CS Expert FGD, copy the folder sprites inside Valve Hammer Editor folder and press Yes for replace folder contents, copy the file cs_expert-tom793c.fgd inside Valve Hammer Editor / fgd
Attached Image

7. Create a folder inside Valve Hammer Editor named: maps (If there is no one).

Now you have everything installed and in his place. And we are ready for next steps.
Attached Image

Configure Valve Hammer Editor

1. Open hammer.exe and press NO on assist configuration message.
Attached Image

2. Now you can see the Options Tab if no go to: Tools / Options.
Attached Image

General Options:
Undo levels: 100 or higher.
Attached Image
This will help you to go back with CTRL + Z when you do mistakes and want things go back. Default 50 is too low, only 50 "back in time" moves.

2D views:
Grid Size: 8

Attached Image

Don't need to change anything else, this is used for work with sizes. View Grid Size tutorial

3D views:
Model render distance: I put this on the maximum
Is used to view models inside hammer, too short range will show nothing.

Pick Background Color: I choose gray most times. Is the space color when you create a map in Texture views camera from Hammer. Default is black, but gray is better, so choose what you want there.
Attached Image

Add Wad: Add textures to the program.
Remove: Remove that texture from the program.
Attached Image

Just remember any textures added there will be needed to play the map.

Game Configurations:
Configuration: Press Edit and Add, insert what name you want for this configuration and press Ok / Close. I insert Counter-Strike, because my configuration is for this game.
Attached Image

Game Data Files: Here goes the fgd files. Fgd is a file configurated for every game.
Add: Valve Hammer Editor / fgd / counter-strike / halflife-cs.fgd
Add: Valve Hammer Editor / fgd / cs_expert-tom793c.fgd
Attached Image

Game Executable Directory: Where is your game folder located. My game: D:/CS 1.6
Mod Directory: Where is your game mod folder located. My game: D:/CS 1.6/cstrike
Game Directory: Where is your game engine folder located. My game: D:/CS 1.6/valve
Map Directory: Where you save work in progress maps. My folder: C:\Program Files\Valve Hammer Editor\maps
Attached Image

Build Programs:
Configuration: I have Counter-Strike name, what i just did in the previous steps.
Game Executable: I insert D:\CS 1.6\hl.exe
CSG executable: C:\Program Files\Valve Hammer Editor\tools\qcsg.exe
BSP executable: C:\Program Files\Valve Hammer Editor\tools\qbsp2.exe
VIS executable: C:\Program Files\Valve Hammer Editor\tools\vis.exe
RAD executable: C:\Program Files\Valve Hammer Editor\tools\qrad.exe
Place compiled maps: Where the program save .bsp maps. My path: D:\CS 1.6\cstrike\maps
Attached Image

Press Apply and Ok

Now you can start doing maps. File / New:
Attached Image

Don't forget to change camera to 3D textured.
Attached Image

Next: What is the tools to make a map

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