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  Game: Counter-Strike
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How to make a map for Counter-Strike, Making your first map, very basic tutorial
Tatu Eugen
post Jun 18 2019, 09:52 PM
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I will show you how to make a map for Counter-Strike, is not hard, just need to know some steps. Let's start...

Before we start make sure you read:
Setting up Valve Hammer Editor
Read about grid size

1. Open Hammer, Go to: File / New
Attached Image

2. Press on the block tool and draw your first block on 2D Camera: TOP, press enter or right click and create object on what you draw in 2D.
Attached Image

3. On the first camera in top/left you need to have camera 3D textured, press on Camera TOOL and navigate in 3D textured, hold left click on and navigate with W+S+A+D, same time with hold left click. Now you should find your first block created.
Attached Image

4. Next create more blocks around your main block, wich will be the ground in the map. I show you how i make blocks, before i press enter or right click, as in step 2.
Attached Image

5. I made a closed box, Top will be the sky, bottom part will be the ground, sides will be the walls, in the map.
Attached Image

6. Let's apply some textures on the blocks, click on Texture Application Tool, press browse button.
Attached Image

Of course you can have what textures you want to use, i use halflife.wad for this tutorial.

7. While Texture Tool is selected, you can select faces of the block for apply what textures you want, hold shift for choose more than one, like i did in next screenshot, and press apply.
Attached Image

You can see i use 1.30 on SCALE of Y, default is 1.00 on Y (Height) and 1.00 on W (Width) of the wall. You can scale up to 2.00, try and see how it works. Also on shift i put 78 valuve, because i was not fit to the wall, again Y and W have his own values default on 0, try and see how it works again.
Attached Image

8. Select the whole block from top with Selection Tool and apply texture sky on it.
Attached Image

9. Go to Entity Tool, select from the list light_environment and put it inside the box, you can put in 2D and adjust from top+side cameras. Or in 3D textured camera and adjust with 2D cameras.

Attached Image

Make sure you let some space betwen light_environment entity and sky block.
Attached Image

You can set up what light color and angle will be in the map, Select Tool and right click on entity and go to properties, and set your own things.
Attached Image

10. With Entity Tool put 5 players spawn for CT: info_player_start and 5 players spawn for TS, make sure you let space betwen them min. 4 size in grid 8, and at least 2 on height.
Attached Image

Let's do something important, make sure the players don't start with face to the wall. Click on them and go to properties as we do before with light_environment properties. You can select more holding SHIFT on and select with Selection Tool. YAW is the dirrection how they start, in this case is 180*.
Attached Image

You do the same with CT players, but set YAW to the 0, wich is default, so don't need to do it for CT players in this case.

11. Next do what you want to do, for final result, i made two walls in the middle of the map.
Attached Image

12. Compile the map, press F9 or File / Run, save the map before. Let everything on Normal.
Attached Image

After is done you will get a window with results of the compile process, you can search for errors there if you have problems sometimes or some values about various things.
Attached Image

This is the result:
Attached Image

I upload here the .rmf map and the .bsp map, any questions or problems about this, reply here. Cheers!
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