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SHLT 3.9, An update to Zoner's Half-Life Tools (ZHLT) 3.4
Tatu Eugen
post Nov 6 2019, 07:35 PM
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Super Half-Life Tools 3.9

An update to Zoner's Half-Life Tools 3.4

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

* Q: Which version of the tools should I use?
o A: Try using the 64 Bit version at first. If you receive an error when trying to run it, try using the 32 Bit version without SSE. For final compiles, use 32 Bit SSE2, no matter whether you are on a 64 Bit or a 32 Bit system, because SSE2 is more precise when compiling, thus can prevent strange errors from occuring, but also slower. SSE1 is actually slower without any visible advantages to the other tools, and thus pretty useless. If you want to know what all that 64/32 Bit and SSE stuff is about, use the internet to inform yourself, but be aware that as explanations go into detail you'll probably hardly understand what's going on.
* Q: Why are these tools notably bigger than the old ones?
o A: That is because of some code optimization done by the compiler. Bigger code, but faster code.
* Q: Can I still run these through VHE?
o A: Not tested, but should work. Learn how to use batch files if it does not work. If it does work, learn how to use batch files anyway. They are much easier to use and allow for the -estimate parameter on the tools.
* Q: Why do all tools reject to run?
o A: Make sure you have the latest .NET framework and Microsoft Visual Studio Redistributable Package 2008 (32 Bit, 64 Bit) installed.
* Q: Why is there only one version of the tools for 64 bit systems?
o A: SSE exists for 32 Bit CPUs only. Therefore, making x64 tools with SSE is not even possible. All 64 bit processors possess the SSE2 architecture for common usage and to run 32 Bit programs which use it, though.
* Q: Will more updates on this come?
o A: If there is a need, there is a will. Just let me know in this thread if there is something you think should be changed/added/looked into.
* Q: Why "Super"?
o A: The traditional Half-Life Tool convention shows that whenever the tools development changed its developer, the new developer puts his name in the tools' title. That probably was okay, since back then huge changes were applied. But now, that we are only doing small changes, and multiple people are applying these, we don't want the title to include one specific name anymore, so I just prepended "Super", to indicate they are ahead of the old ones.

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